On Tuesday June 16th, 2009 the Jordan High School Alumni had the pleasure of meeting the Jordan Panther Head Coach Scott ________ and  Glenn Killingsworth, (Assistant Coach - class of 1968).  We listened with "shock and awe" as he described the needs of his football team and lack of funding.  Our jaws dropped when he advised us of his $3100.00 budget for the entire year with helmets that run over $150.00/ea. WOW.  After an in-depth interview we asked the Coach what his most important wish was....... He didn't blink an eye when he told us that it was his dream to be able to provide Slingshot Goal Posts for the school.  He told us that all of the other schools have them and Jordan is the last one to replace the H style Goal Posts (they were probably there when I was - egads).  Needless to say we volunteered for the job of helping to raise the funds for this WISH.