Useful Links

Nice places to find your Friends and General Information - free website is a free class reunion website for every graduating class of every high school, with free access for all class members.  No ads, no spam, no pop-us, no fees.  Not a lot of people know about this site and it is very user friendly. - free website
This is a free site, claiming to have over 3 million members and growing. - free website
This is a free website featuring over 137.000 different schools. - free website
Free website claiming over 4 million members and thousands of people reunited over 10 years. - free website
Free website claiming High School Alumni in over 30,000 different schools. - paid website
Annual subscription of $36.00 per year with information on over 105,000 k-12 schools in the United States - paid website
Subscription is $36.oo for three years. - paid website
This used to be a pretty good site, but getting harder to navigate around the site or send messages. - free people search
This is one of my favorites for people searching - free people search
Go to the white pages sections to search for your friends. - Long Beach Unified School Distric
Find all you need to know about the Long Beach Unified School District - Long Beach Press Telegram
Visit our local newspaper