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Welcome Class of 1981 Alumni!! 

A group of classmates has united to help us gather information and we are now underway to bringing YOU all the latest information about the Class of 1981 !!

We are dedicated to reuniting all those who shared those unforgettable moments at LB Jordan High School.

Please take a moment and submit your information by clicking on the "Register with us" link at the bottom left corner to ensure you received important updates & info.

All Class Reunion August 15th, 2009 - Everyone is invited. 

See the Calendar Page for all the details.

Come early and grab a bite to eat


Take a moment to check out this wonderful website and all the great information and facts !!!  You can click on any class to see who is listed and who may be missing!!  There is a wonderful house detective "Sherlock" who is helping reunite classmates.  "Who are you looking for ????"  And feel free to submit any exciting news you may have to share on the "News Flash" Link !!


 All of the the maintenance of your class database will be handled by volunteers, we will never sell or share this information.




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