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Welcome  1946 Classmates 

Hello Classmates, this is Ken Miltenberger and I have volunteered to be our Reunion Committee contact for the class of 1946.  This class of 1946 is one of the best and I will continue to promote friendship, provide history and help to plan great reunions !!!!  

Along with all of the committee members, we are dedicated to reuniting all those who shared those unforgettable moments at Long Beach Jordan High School (some good and some bad).  

Please take a moment and register with your reunion committee.  This will help us keep in touch by making it easier to have the Reunion Plans at the touch of a finger.  It will also help us to save money for the incredibly expensive mail outs and it will also save you money by eliminating the demand for your yearly dues on those expensive reunion sites.  

 All of the the maintenance of your class database will be handled by volunteers, we will never sell or share this information.



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